No doubt one of the most anticipated builds here in Barbados, the JDM2 team paid Chris a visit to see what the latest update with his 280z and the project is coming along nice, there’s a lot more in store for this build stay tune for more coverage.







DTP_1822 DTP_1819 DTP_1815 DTP_1808 DTP_1805 DTP_1800 DTP_1799 DTP_1798 DTP_1796 DTP_1788 DTP_1786 DTP_1782 DTP_1776 DTP_1775 DTP_1769 DTP_1768 DTP_1762 DTP_1757 DTP_1753 DTP_1742 DTP_1739 DTP_1737 DTP_1732 DTP_1727 DTP_1724 DTP_1720 DTP_1715 DTP_1702