What is before you is the dark stages of every project. As Chris’ 280 sits in a dark corner looking like nothing is going on his brain is tinkering. Long before this stage however he was tinkering too but watching the bodywork come together allows you to see how everything fits, blends and the reality of your imagination. This is a very crucial time because no one likes to go back here to correct a mistake.

New Life 2And the reason why no one likes to go back here is, it’s expensive for one and it is your duty to set it right from the get-go. In short you must ensure that every bolt hole, every reinforcing point and every bracket is set in the right place to take the RB26 and whatever other custom ideas floating around Chris’ head.

New Life 3

Just take a look at that rear fender, Chris opted to build them into the bodywork rather than faffing about later on with saws, phonebooks and friends jumping up and down in the trunk. Oh yes I’ve actually seen a vid online with some dudes using that technique to “roll” their fenders. If you look around in the pics you will also see the pre-widened front fenders but we’re not sure what rim and tyre combo will be chosen but we are looking to see proper stance and fitment. This is  Redline’s demo car after all.

4091425_origThis pic really shows how deep those fenders are as they swallow those 245 wide wheels. g around Chris’ head.

9740737_orig3100221_orig1869610_origA custom tail light was chosen over the factory setup and at first glance we didn’t like it but after he showed us some renders and past 280/240s that had a similar change it appears ok.

1225916_origThe natural bodylines on this car are definitely a work of art. This is the Japanese fastback style and to me is still one of the best body design ever created.

5877127_origAs you would imagine the engine bay is spotless, all of the welds were touched up, cleaned and treated to ensure it can sustain the torquey heart currently being built in a much different operating theater. The transmission tunnel remains untouched except the reinforcement around the new mounting points for the new gearbox.

2150611_origClean and fresh with reinforcement to the rear wheel tubs. A must-mod with the planned torque figures.

1560_origAgain we see the simplicity of the engine bay. There is quite a lot of real estate for stuff in here too, which is what you don’t get in a car of the 21st century for sure.

6383511_origA better shot of the transmission tunnel. It does appear small but the new gearbox will fit fine with no modification at all.

8851717_origThe condition of the chassis is immaculate indeed.

9154181_origNot much modification here. The stock R200 rear end should suffice and withstand the heavy dose of right foot. The twin caliper setup is just Chris hinting he will be doing some drifting, please, he should know that was expected of him.

5048005_origAll in all we think it’s a very well executed project and with a brain and OCD. . .I mean ideas that Chris has, this 280 is destined to be a very decent and fast classic car.

5854034_origStay tuned, we’ll update regularly as the build comes together.

New Life
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